OrangeRed is a small program that sits in your system try and checks your reddit inbox.It supports multiple accounts, forced rechecking and plays a sound and changes the icon when an unread message is in your inbox.


Win32 Binaries
VS2008 C# Source

Known issues:

  • There is a character limitation on the system tray notifications. If you add too many accounts (5-6 or more) you’ll go over that limit and the program will crash.
  • Passwords with special characters such as ” have problems with CURL


The source code is released under the GNU General Public License.
I would appreciate if you’d shoot me an email if you found my code useful in any way.

First Time Setup

You need to use the CurlMe.bat batch file to generate the login cookies.
In a command prompt (see below) enter the following for each account you want OrangeRed to check:
CurlMe myUsername myPassword

Now run OrangeRed.exe!

The cookies DO have an expiration date but I don’t know how long. It’s some months at least, so if the program stops working a few months out you might need to re-curl.

To open a command prompt window:
1) Hit WindowsKey + R
2) Enter “cmd” and press enter
3) Enter “cd path” where path is the full path to where you unzipped OrangeRed. For example: D:\Bjarni\OrangeRed
4) If the path is on a different drive letter than your operating system you need to switch by entering “D:” (where D is the drive letter)
5) Proceed Curl-ing as explained above.

Version History

Version 1.00 (July 20th 2011)

    • Initial Release


  • Include documentation/licence for CURL
  • Embed CURL usage into the program rather than a batch file
  • Clicking on tray icon opens inbox
  • Show who the message is from
  • Support for special characters in passwords/usernames
  • Standard .net installer thingie (optional download)