Project: TERRAble
Finished: Spring 2008
Context: Semester long Independent Study Project
Team: Just me

Tech/API/SDK: C++, OpenGL, CG Shaders, SDL
Scope: Created from scratch, aside from texture loader and other minor things
Assets: Nvidia and other free sources

The main focus of the project was to create an OpenGL framework to use for quick development and research and implement performance optimization techniques and comparisons, as well as research and implement programmable real-time shaders. Bulk of the “visible” work was spent on implementing the Geometrical Clipmaps algorithm for terrain rendering, as well as sky and water implementations, although a lot of work was done on behind-the-scenes stuff, which would take pages to explain in detail.

The project was supervised by Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson at Reykjavik University.