Project: RanPG
Finished: Spring 2008
Context: Final Project for graduate level Virtual Environments course at Reykjavik University
Team: Just me

Tech/API/SDK: Python, Panda3D, CG Shaders
Scope: Created from scratch using the Panda3D engine
Assets: “Borrowed” from Blizzard’s World of Warcraft

RanPG is a semi-procedurally generated 3D Role Playing Game (RPG) created using the Panda3D engine. The world is generated semi-randomly, conforming to configurable constraints. The terrain is heightmap based, generated using the Diamond-Square algorithm.
There isn’t a whole lot of deep gameplay involved, but you can level up your character by killing monsters through collision-based real-time combat system. Levels can be finished by either killing all of the monsters, or blowing up a randomly generated objective.