GamePipe Editor

Project: USC GamePipe Live Editor
Finished: Fall 2008
Context: Semester long project for graduate level Game Engine Development course at USC
Team: Me and one other

Tech/API/SDK: C++, Ogre3D, C#
Scope: Editor was created from scratch, the underlying game engine (GamePipe Game Engine) was modified to support the editor
Assets: Supplied by USC and Ogre3D

We created the GamePipe Live Editor (GLE) for the GamePipe engine to simplify the process of creating scenes and/or levels. It is written in C# but runs the GamePipe Engine (written in C++) in a window. We communicate with and control the GamePipe Engine with TCP/IP packets from the GLE. Functionality includes adding, deleting and modifying properties of meshes, lights, scene nodes. It also doubles as a Model Viewer for the Ogre3D model format.
I wrote the entire C# application and did a lot of work in the Engine (C++ / Ogre3D) as well.