Project: Cosmopolis
Finished: In active development
Context: 2 semester long final project and paid work at USC
Team: The majority (90%+) of programming is done by me and one other person, overall team is 3-5 people (varies)

Tech/API/SDK: C#, XNA / DirectX 9, HLSL Shaders
Scope: Created from scratch using funding from The Office of Naval Research
Assets: Bought, self made and other sources

Cosmopolis is a long-term MMORPG game project that will act as a research platform where each researcher can create a separate “subgame” that will tie in with the Cosmopolis Universe. “WarPipe” and “UNMC”, shown in the above video, are examples of such subgames.
I have personally been heavily involved in architectural designs and critical decision making aside from developing core 3D Engine components, specifically environmental rendering (terrain, sky, water, etc.), collision detection system, asset pipeline and gameplay (both client and server). In other words, pretty much everything.
What you can see in the above video is 1 semester of work as the first semester was a prototyping phase, and I programmed pretty much the entire graphics engine you can see in the video in that time (along with everything else mentioned above).

Longer videos can be found here:
World Tools