BML Realizer

Project: CADIA BML Realizer
Finished: Spring and Summer 2008
Context: B.Sc. Final Project
Team: Me and Ægir Þorsteinsson

Tech/API/SDK: Python, Panda3D, C++, CG Shaders
Scope: USC’s SmartBody was used as a base for the BML processor and animation scheduling and calculations
Assets: USC, bought and/or open source

BML is a way of describing behavior and animation in a human readable format, which SmartBody processes and schedules relevant animations, which are sent to the rendering engine. Without unnecessary details, we basically created a new Rendering Engine / Software Development Kit for the SmartBody software from scratch, based around Python and Panda3D. I handled the entire Panda3D/Python part, my partner worked with SmartBody.
The project won 2 awards in the Gathering of Animated Lifelike Agents competition at the IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agents) 2008 conference in Tokyo.

The project was supervised by Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson at Reykjavik University.